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Monthly Ledger Reports

For accountability, auditability, & transparency.

Monthly reports posted to 

demonstrate details of the 

flow of money into and out of the LLC.

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Monthly Ledger Archives


March 2022

Summary: All donations in the month of March in 2022 were founder investments. Donations in the form of gifts totaled $385.00.

In March, Confic Magazine LLC made a $300 dollar donation to charity. $150 of this were author payments for March articles that were deferred by the authors in order to contribute to the charity. The LLC matched this with funds previously denied by past authors. Unusual expenses included tax software for annual filing.

Changes made for March 2022 ledger include the removal of Coinbase report, and moved to an as-needed basis. These will be re-included if and when any donations are made, in order to demonstrate transparency with movement into Bitcoin.





There were no donations to Confic Magazine LLC in the month of February for 2022:



PayPal Report

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Bitcoin Network Transaction Receipts

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