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Confic Magazine is the premiere publisher of the containment fiction subgenre and space.

Its goal are as follows:

(1) to raise awareness of containment fiction as the proper designation for a unique subgenre of creative writing

(2) to be a platform for indie containment fiction, as well as its communities and participants


(3) provide a counter-brand to that of SCP’s and/or other centralized players in the space when necessary, as they currently dominate the space and its representation to the greater Internet


(4) set an example by providing accountability and transparency to the movement of funds and profit, especially donations.

(5) be a catch-net and multi-site hub of community information as a node for enthusiasts, especially in anticipation of and after the future collapse or dissolution of the major confic communities on WikiDot. 

(6) be the voice that would otherwise be silenced

Confic Magazine and Society of Containment Fiction logos by Worm that Walks & Lack of Lepers.

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