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Confic Magazine (Blog)

You are here. We specialize in news, opinions, and analysis of the containment fiction space. 

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Personal containment fiction blog of Lack of Lepers. Deals with political philosophy of containment fiction, primarily SCP.


SCP META Streams

The Twitch live-stream version of the Confic Call-In podcast (now with visuals!). Additional shows scheduled throughout the week, such as Friday night's gauntlet-style, multi-hour crit show The Weekend Collapsible, and the SCPCRNP Reacts series on Tuesday nights.

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The meetup for containment fiction. To be announced.

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An open project documenting the history and aspects of containment fiction.


Confic Call-InTM

A live-talk podcast show discussing all things confic. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and

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Confic Magazine YouTube

The YouTube is the home of Weekend Collapsible SPEEDRUNS, where we synopsize all new SCP Wiki articles in 5 words each and in less than 2 minutes (usually!). SCP META streams of Confic Call-In life here as well.

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The Containment Fiction ("Confic") Wiki alone is released under Creative Commons By-Attribution, Share-Alike 4.0.