Everyone has differing degrees of comfort when it comes to maintaining privacy. We like to keep things as transparent as possible for the LLC, but personal information will be [REDACTED] for those who we do business with. We will not violate a business partner's personal details. We encourage contributors to establish PI-free methods of getting paid (e.g. BTC wallet, a dedicated account on something like PayPal that has a throw-away email address).


The default agreement is that all potentially sensitive data on the monthly business ledgers is redacted with regards to any information that is not necessary in order to perform an external audit of our finances, per the transparency & accountability protocols (see Legal). Thus the funds paid to a contributor will be visible, but to whom and any other information such as email address will be redacted. If you would like your article and name not redacted in our monthly published business ledger, let us know during your correspondence with us.


If a dispute arises regarding the lack of promised payment from Confic Magazine LLC to a contributor, Confic Magazine reserves the right to reveal as much and only as much information as is necessary in order to prove that payment was made (e.g. matching the requested payment method to our expenditure on our business ledger). This stipulation is intended to discourage bad-faith actors from claiming non-payment in an attempt to harm the reputation of the LLC.

General Website

Confic Magazine and its owners do not receive, collect and store any information on anyone other than the information shared with us willingly and knowingly, e.g. the information required to pay someone, and an email address used to sign-up and in to the blog for comments and likes. We encourage users to not use email addresses that reveal private information, such as your full name. We do not offer direct donations on the site in order to avoid handling sensitive data. A user is not required to submit any data in order to observe and enjoy the magazine.

We use a third-party web page publisher. It's important to note that third-party services, such as Google Analytics might place cookies or utilize other tracking technologies through website builder services, and may have their own policies regarding how they collect and store information. Your data may be stored through their data storage, databases and their applications, we really don't and can't know. We do not have access to this information. We've included the option to tell them to not track you:

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit this link:

Confic Magazine does not track personal information through the use of cookies. We give the option at the onset of page load to decline cookies, which we recommend and encourage. If cookies are not declined, there are some non-essential ones that the web-builder utilizes automatically and that we do not have control over. There is no way to deny use of the mandatory cookies, as they are required per the webpage publisher. These cookies are out of our control, but we have a list a list of the cookies that our third-party web-builder has provided to us: 

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