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We accept donations in USD and Bitcoin.


Direct PayPal 

Buy Me A Coffee

BTC wallet (2-2 multi-sig): 


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We have designed an elaborate but easy-to-understand system of transparency and accountability. Read below to see it simplified into 10 steps. See the About, Tutorials, and F.A.Q. pages for more details.


We aim to ensure that any donors feel at ease and are able to tell where there donations are going by providing structural assurances to the donor. Our business ledger will be publicly available with personal identifying information redacted, and published monthly on the Monthly Ledgers page.

Any donations are appreciated. See below for options.

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Based on preferred degree of transparency & accountability

We provide multiple ways to donate in order to accommodate different levels of comfort with the process. Each method offers different levels of trustlessness, transparency, and assurances; here they are ranked from most transparent (1) to least transparent (3).

Choose the one that fits your thinking, click for links. All pathways lead to the Bitcoin wallet, which is publicly viewable and auditable.

(1) Direct Bitcoin to Bitcoin wallet transfer. Bitcoin is a completely public transaction network. There is no intermediary when using Bitcoin, it is all executed by computer code, so there is no possible meddling or trust involved in getting the donations from place A to place B. For the technically advanced and highest-standard donor.

(2) SubscribeStar/Patreon. The monthly amount of donations is public. This is transferred to the Confic Magazine LLC business bank account. It is auto-pulled by Coinbase to be converted into Bitcoin. The Bitcoin is sent to the public wallet, with the amount matching the public monthly donations, minus fees from the platforms involved. For the attentive but less technically-involved donor.

(3) Direct PayPal or BuyMeACoffee. While this has no inherent public transparency regarding the amount donated, we will publish these details (with donor data redacted) monthly to the Monthly Ledgers page in the form of business ledgers. As with all funds, these will be sent to the Bitcoin wallet to be publicly auditable & accountable. This is the status quo; the least transparent and least technical.

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In 10 Steps

Step 1: Monthly amount of donations is publicly visible on donation pages (auto), or by monthly published business receipts.

Step 2: Donations transferred to Confic Magazine LLC business bank account. 

Step 3: Funds are pulled from the bank account to Coinbase.

Step 4: Donated dollars are converted into Bitcoin. 

Step 5: Bitcoin is sent from Coinbase to the Bitcoin digital wallet.

Step 6: Funds in Bitcoin can be seen entering the wallet, which is publicly viewable.

Step 7: This amount should match the initial funds visible on SubscribeStar (minus fees from SubscribeStar, Coinbase, and Bitcoin network).

Step 8: All expenses and uses of funds out of the wallet are publicly visible leaving. Requires both founders to approve of movement of funds.

Step 9: Funds go to expenses and uses. 

Step 10: Monthly publication of ledger on News page.

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