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Confic Wiki, Lack of Lepers Blog, Now Part of Confic Magazine LLC

Dec 27, 2021

The LLC's Ecosystem Grows

The Containment Fiction Wiki ( and the Lack of Lepers confic blog ( have been unofficial associations with Confic Magazine LLC, up until now. As of earlier this month, they are official projects and under the financial & legal operations of the LLC.

The merge occurred in order to establish limited liability for those projects, as is the case with Confic Magazine. The LLC is a wonderful shelter from would-be attackers and censorious agents, who are likely to stop at nearly nothing to remove facts and reporting that might damage their social capital and political reputations.

A party interested in suing over content on the Confic Wiki, or on the Lack of Lepers blog now must direct papers towards the LLC, and those behind these projects are protected from any damages or findings. This will help us share important information without fear of personal repercussions.

This decision was informed by attacks to both the Lack of Lepers blog and Confic Wiki, where content was flagged. The rationale for the subsequent removal of content from these two publications was intended to help protect people from abuse; Miraheze for example necessitated that all parties involved in a chat leak consent to them being made more public. However, this policy -- in the hands of individuals who stand to be exposed -- serves as a powerful tool to squelch dissent and prevent just whistleblowing.

It is the abuse of this rule that has led us at Confic Magazine to anticipate, plan for, and defend against further action on the part of these individuals, as the goals of these projects progress.

The LLC has taken on more financial obligations to do so (e.g. the upkeep of the Confic Wiki and a monthly membership to Medium), so look for these in upcoming Monthly Ledgers.

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