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Nov 7, 2021

Accountability & Transparency Protocols are in full effect.

Our first Monthly Ledger, October 2021, is released! This is part of our accountability & transparency protocols, meant to give anyone the ability to audit our LLC and see the movement and destination of any money we operate with.

We previously were planning on publishing these ledger reports here to this News page, but we quickly discovered it needed its own page. So, look to the menu to see the Monthly Ledger page, which replaced the unused "Images" page.

Also, check the Tutorials page to see video walkthroughs of the ledger report. It is a lot of information and potential auditors might need a bit of a tour and demo before being able to complete an independent audit. The Tutorials are divided into two parts: USD and Bitcoin -- this last topic being complex enough for its own video and time.

Note: Now that we have published a few, we will not announce them each month. Visit the Monthly Ledgers page to see new ones!

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