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June 2018 Pride Logo Confic Wiki Article Now Live

Jan 20, 2022

Definitive History of June 2018 Pride Logo Drama now on Confic Wiki

Aside from the creation of the genre itself, the controversy that arose from the pride logo's use on the SCP Wiki in June 2018 was the most important and definitive occurrence in the history of containment fiction. A new article written by "The Archivist" Cooldude971 is now on the Confic Wiki and details in definitive detail and citations the facts of the drama.

The event was so important, not for any triumph or failure of a given political persuasion, but because, as Cooldude writes:

"The greatest long-term impact of the controversy was the splintering of containment fiction and the ending of the long-standing monopoly the SCP Foundation held over this genre."

Indeed, Confic Magazine, the Confic Wiki, and all the communities represented in the Society for Containment Fiction might not exist at all, were it not for this fracture.

Steeped in political combativeness as it was (and still is), it can be very difficult to achieve an unbiased and objective account of the events of that June. We believe that this is the best attempt yet, and hope that it will remain a valuable resource for information in years to come.

Thanks to Cooldude971 for his great and very arduous work.

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