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Kalinin Confic Wiki Article Added

Jan 18, 2022

Wiki entry on notable SCP author Kalinin.

The newest addition to the Confic Wiki is an article about former SCP author Kalinin. SCF user Salt Blossom wrote the entry.

Kalinin is perhaps one of the most inspiring and reputable writers in the history of the SCP Wiki, and was known for his high standards of composition and stalwart critiques. In quotes documented in the article, Kalinin expressed great interest in the genre of containment fiction, and regarded it as a potential literary successor to the novel.

Containment fiction owes a lot to individuals like Kalinin, who was brutally uncompromising in his pursuit for rigor and quality output. He is the type that most authors want to be when they grow up.

We are proud to feature this new article, and encourage anyone to read not only Kalnin’s oeuvre, but some of his selected quotes, to truly get the kinetic energy of his legacy and contributions.

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