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Legal Terms Addition: Smaller Payments for Micro-Fiction

Jan 21, 2022

New language in the legal agreement allows for more flexible purchases.

We have added a phrase to the legal agreement to better allow for the purchase of micro-fiction, which hopefully will be released as a compilation given an appreciable amount is collected. This was inspired by a very brief -J style article that we wanted badly to host and publish, but just couldn't justify a payment of $75 for.

The addition to the legal agreement is in the terms specifying payment from the Magazine to the Author. Prior, the sentence read:
"Magazine agrees to pay Writer $75.00 per Article published by Magazine."

It now reads:
"Magazine agrees to pay Writer $75.00 per Article published by Magazine, unless otherwise specifically stated in written correspondence, which may be retained for proof of agreement, and presented if challenged."

Hopefully, this will open up more entertainment and possibilities, such as this hilarious (but short) -J style article. Let's hope the deal goes through and that we can present it to you one day!

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