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Magazine Payment Updates

Jun 29, 2022

Updates to Payment Policy

Economic times are hard! The LLC will be reducing its payments to Magazine contributors to $40 to cope with increasing inflation and IRL costs.

Those who contributed an article to the Magazine prior to 7/1/2022 received a $75 payment for their contribution. Confic Magazine LLC is happy to have given these visionary writers this thank you for contributing at the LLC's earliest and least-popular times.

We have also begun interviews for the Magazine, which we hope to have as a more frequent series. An interview will default be split 50/50% between an interviewer and interviewee. This is unless one or more of the participants do not desire to receive payment. In the case that only one participant would like to receive payment, that individual will receive the whole $40.

Please email with any questions, or to suggest/offer any interviews. See our updated legal terms here:

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