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Posting Schedule Relaxation

Lack of Lepers

Aug 31, 2022

A notice about the frequency of our magazine article posting.

Since we began in September 2021, we have published weekly for one whole year. We are very proud of this output and appreciate all the reads.

With the recent contraction of our streaming projects (SCP META) as well as the Lack of Lepers Blog, we will match pace for our magazine publication schedule. Instead of weekly, we will now post "pro re nata", or not on a particular schedule. You can expect to see new magazine articles on the scale of monthly, as opposed to weekly.

We hope that this will open up exposure for our individual articles, but also that our readership will understand and appreciate the new scarcity of these posts. We expect them to be just as high quality, or even higher given the longer development times.

With love and appreciation,
Lack of Lepers

P.S. Monthly Ledgers will be suspended, as the point has been made. We will re-introduce these in the event the LLC brings in any money!

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