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Society for Containment Fiction Turns 2

Lack of Lepers

Jun 2, 2023

Happy Birthday!

Confic Magazine owes its existence to the Society for Containment Fiction, and specifically its Discord server. The group was made on May 28, 2021 by pixelatedHarmony as a haven and coordination platform for users who were ousted or otherwise vilified by the SCP Wiki, its leadership, and its community... justly or not.

It was in the SCF Discord server that the idea of a magazine was born, and the first articles on the magazine were submitted by members who were eager to see the project get off the ground.

While many of the members who were around when Confic Magazine was launched have moved on, the SCF remains the premiere gathering point for the progression of thought, dissenting views, and intense philosophical discussion in the containment fiction space. The SCF has adopted a very needed role that the political homogeneity of the SCP Wiki — and to a lesser extent, the RPC Authority — cannot readily afford its users. The importance of allowing varying views and an arena to hash out competing ideas cannot be understated when it comes to art.

The SCF is also the only group that is taking the documentation and archaeology of the containment fiction space seriously. Users there have a unique and rare passion for the genre and its history; more so than those in any one community. Scholars such as pixelatedHarmony ("History of the Universe") and Cooldude971 ("The Origin of Object Classes", "The SCP Foundation on 4chan and EditThis") provide one of the least-appreciated, painstaking, and yet most important informational services to the space; a work and legacy that will likely not be appreciated in its due fullness for several, several years.

If you are not afraid of opinions and ideas that are different from your own, if you want to participate in the leading edge of thought progress for the genre and space, if you feel that an idea should be subjected to the rigors and testing of an intellectual crucible before it can be a store of value... then the Society for Containment Fiction is for you.

Happy birthday SCF; here's to many more.

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