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Summary: All donations in the month of October in 2021 were founder investments. Donations in the form of gifts totaled $418.41.


Numerous private gifts needed to start-up the LLC, -- including state filing costs, website hosting & design services, graphic design services, business address, etc -- are not included. These monthly costs will be picked up in the months of November and December 2021; monthly expenditures will be fully on the ledger of Confic Magazine LLC by 2022. They were covered by private donations in October.


Thus the only expenses in Oct 2021 on the part of the LLC were author payments.

October 2021





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There were no donations to Confic Magazine LLC in the month of October for 2021:

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Bank Statement


PayPal Report

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Coinbase Report


Bitcoin Network Transaction Receipts

Total in: 0.00290708 BTC

Total out: 0.00252770 BTC

Balance: 0.00037938 BTC

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