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AOE-1: The Thing That Did the Thing

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

by Lack of Lepers

Confic Art

AOE-1 upon its discovery.
AOE-1 upon its discovery.

AOE: 1

Hazards: Sentient, Mobile, Aggressive, Predatory, Limited Omniscience

Contained: Yes

Threat: Low

Abstract: For millennia, supernatural phenomena have been the subject of mystery, superstition, and literary wonder. In this paper, we report the groundbreaking discovery of supernatural phenomena, which challenges the traditional view of the natural world, and confirms long-held oral myths of both our culture and others, these previously thought to be specious and in the realms of science fiction and fantasy. Through a series of controlled excavations and analyses, we have uncovered anomalous objects and events ("AOE") that violate the laws of understood physics, including material levitation, contagious telekinesis, non-Euclidean topography, and spontaneous materialization. Findings will be posted in their order of discovery and according to a new nomenclature, this publication being the first installment.

Our findings in general suggest that a supernatural realm exists, and may have always existed, parallel to the "natural" world, that is subject to its own set of laws and principles, which anomalous phenomena are extensions and the concentrated sequelae of. We propose a new theoretical framework to explain and retain phenomena that evince this discovery, for both scientific enterprise and general wonder, and which incorporates concepts from the budding multidisciplinary efforts of supernatural containment logistics ("Containment"), the scientific qualification of the supernatural ("Description"), and successful procurement methods ("Recovery"). Lastly, we summarize the implications of our findings, and point towards follow-up directions of imminent research ("Conclusion").

These findings have far-reaching implications and open up new avenues for scientific exploration, art, and the blending of the two in the pursuit of our own existential placement in the cosmos. Further research is necessary to fully understand the nature and properties of these supernatural phenomena, but this discovery marks a significant step forward in our understanding of the universe and the fundamental principles that may or may not govern it.

Containment: The object's prior containment specifications have not been recovered. Efforts are ongoing.

AOE-1 is safely contained within an 85m³ containment arena, previously Hangar ██ of the ██████ Airfield. Observation points within the arena are elevated on 10m high platforms, as AOE-1 cannot climb or ascend. Unless moving, AOE-1 is positioned on a pedestal in the arena's center, and is capable of being seen from any location in the arena.

AOE-1 is monitored at all times via intelligence-based cameras. In the event of a power failure, manual surveillance is required during any tasks. A maze has been constructed on the floor of the containment area to interrupt AOE-1's directional movement and line of sight (either can cease its pursuit of personnel). Emergency flood lighting is engaged during power outages, and a battery/hand-crank operated searchlight is available upon the main observation platform for tracking and visualization.

Description: AOE-1 is a pile of rubble consisting of archaic construction materials, measuring approximately 2m x 3m x 1m in size. The pieces of rubble within AOE-1 randomly rearrange themselves, formlessly. Faint traces of artificial pigmentation (black, white, green, maroon) can also be seen on AOE-1 surfaces, thought to be either graffiti or the remains of prior containment-related runes.⁽¹⁾ AOE-1 is sentient, possibly sapient, and technically hostile. It will move at an alarming pace via an unknown locomotive mechanism towards an individual in its vicinity in order to physically assault them. Fortunately, AOE-1 does not impact an individual with its momentum, which would be fatal.

Instead, AOE-1 ceases once it reaches its target, and attacks with crude pseudopodia made of materials from its primary mass, injuring via blunt trauma.⁽¹⁾⁽²⁾ Due to its low height, AOE-1 attacks the ankle/shin area. Injury is not usually significant, amounting to bruises and lacerations.⁽²⁾ However, serious injury is possible if AOE-1 has access to the head or neck.⁽³⁾

AOE-1 displays omniscience with respect to being observed, moving in low-light situations and relying on stealth to approach its potential targets. If detected, it will cease movement until it is unobserved by present personnel, remotely by CCTV systems, or by intelligence-imbued cameras. Lack of position changes between remote observations suggests it is unlikely that AOE-1 alters its position casually, or when without an identified target. The object is incapable of traversing more dimensions than three.⁽²⁾

AOE-1 appears to have existed for millennia, and has experienced significant structural fatigue during its lifetime, even prior to the events of Incident Report #1.⁽⁴⁾ Researchers posit that AOE-1 may have moved with even higher velocity, and with much more lethal force in a prior state.⁽²⁾ Blood stains are evident on portions of the remnant material.⁽¹⁾ Some of this blood has been unable to be identified as human, perhaps due to protein denaturing during the large time scales involved.⁽¹⁾

Other researchers alternatively contend that AOE-1 was never very powerful, and that the blood present is not an indication of past lethality any more than the recovered fecal matter. (This fecal matter is human and is a genetic match with certain cultures of blood collected from AOE-1.⁽¹⁾) The containment chamber that AOE-1 was discovered in can be used to support this theory; it had no clear means of constant or even efficient surveillance installed. If surveilled at all during its prior containment, this was likely achieved manually and without the aid of electronics or intelligence integrations. Though now dilapidated and its walls collapsed, the initial containment cell was small, suggesting that were the object to be lethal at one time, manually-observing personnel would be almost guaranteed to experience fatalities, given the lack of space in which to potentially evade or confound AOE-1's pursuit.

Recovery: AOE-1 was recovered from a defunct containment organization facility that was operational 1-2 millennia ago.⁽¹⁾ The exact location of the excavation is not to be disclosed to the public, as the area is still an active archaeological site with ongoing discoveries, and the structure is unsound, making traversal unsafe. The site has been determined to have been an extremely important cultural, religious, and political center during its time, with evidence of advanced technology and architecture. It is the first of its kind discovered. The newly-formed Society for Containment is working with local authorities to ensure that the containment facility remains protected, and to secure its contents.

AOE-1 is susceptible to damage by most conventional means. This was observed after initial recovery and containment, when AOE-1’s sudden movement resulted in an inappropriate threat response from a security detachment (see Incident Report #1).⁽⁴⁾ In its discovered form, AOE-1 appeared vaguely humanoid (see file image). It is assumed the object is now incapable of re-attaining its prior configuration.

Conclusion: It should not be possible to write a scientific paper detailing the discovery of supernatural phenomena, as the concept of the supernatural falls outside the realm of science. Science is based on empirical evidence and natural phenomena that can be observed, tested, and explained through natural laws and principles. The supernatural, by definition, refers to phenomena that are beyond the natural and observable world and cannot be tested or explained through scientific methods. Therefore, any conclusion about the supernatural must fall outside the realm of scientific inquiry.

However, and in this way, the discovery of supernatural phenomena by scientific means and in scientific language represents a profound and immediate shift in our understanding of the world and our place in it, directly challenging the impossible.

Through continued excavation, careful stewardship, and rigorous research standards as well as the ineffable inspiration for new ideas that can only be described as art we hope to solidify the procedures, protocols, and postures to best approach this novel field of study as scientifically and objectively as possible. We believe that this new area of research will have profound implications for a wide range of other fields, from physics and neuroscience to philosophy and spirituality. Furthermore, this discovery has the potential to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, offering a new perspective on the interconnectedness of all fields of study and human experience.

Ultimately, the discovery of the supernatural reminds us that there is still much to learn and discover about the world that we in a faint hubris falsely believe we understand wholly, and that our concept of reality is constantly evolving.

In our increasingly scientific and controlled world, the supremacy of myth has been reborn.


1. Jenner, Sheldon, et al. "Carbon Dating & Various Lab Studies on Exhibits of Novel Phenomena Recovered from an Ancient Anomaly Containment Organization." Journal of the Society for Containment. Issue 1; Volume 1. 727.

2. Prabhakar Ankit, Balla Cozbi, William White, Clare Fotis. "AOE-1 Frailty: Grip Strength, Gait Pace, Force Generation Post Containment". Journal of the Society for Containment. Issue 1; Volume 1. 140042.

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4. Incident Report #1: AOE-1. "Item description change as a result of inappropriate munitions discharge, post containment." Sgt. Troy Stallions, Dr. Megalo Caput. 173. Internal document.


© Lack of Lepers

© Confic Magazine

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This work of containment fiction is dedicated in sorrowful, loving memory to the author's good friend and a gifted artist, Clark Andrews.

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3 comentarios

25 feb 2023

I love the verisimilitude, the footnotes at the end add a lot to the immersion and that last line really ties the whole thing together so well. It's like the fully realized version of Gears' proposal for SCP-001. The image is a perfect table-setter and the supporting text really sets the imagination aflame when paired with what we're able to see with our eyes. Really enjoyed reading this, it's immersive, it has interesting ideas, it sets itself a goal and knocks it out. Pretty good!~

Me gusta

14 feb 2023

Fascinating to see that this was partially written using an AI. Absolutely brilliant presentation, a reality in which the Foundation has long since been forgotten, along with it's immense cache of anomalies. 173, now a wrecked pile of rubble placed into a labyrinth maze is the first anomaly to be rediscovered. Love it

Me gusta

Lack of Lepers
Lack of Lepers
11 feb 2023

This is a "001" of the AOE format, but it's just "1". The reason the two zeros are there (e.g. "SCP-001", "RPC-001") is because the first SCPs had three digits. In-universe, a containment organization wouldn't have the indication to name the slot "001"; the two zeroes don't make a lot of sense from that perspective, and it would more probably just be "1".

This "001" follows in the footsteps of Dr Gears Proposal. To let him argue it:

“Here’s the debate: some people feel 001 should be something kick-ass. others think it should be the first object found. I like the first object idea, that it was just the first thing that got SCP started, something that, if not very…

Me gusta
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