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AOE-40322: Dawn As Seen From Below a Frozen Lake

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Confic Art

by Lack of Lepers


​NOTE: This entry's object has been explained and is no longer considered anomalous. Due to the tamper-proof nature of the blockchain, the initial entry or entries cannot be modified and are mis-informational. This current address is an auto-forward from any previous versions. You may retrieve the previous versions at hash:

bc1q4tv025qrn7f5fhyn55p24uqv9nqptnvuqaldpf7mgyuwp6qq6upq5a8k4l (Block 100,395,963,481,103 with 11,032,595 confirmations)

Anomalous Object Entry


Object Severity


Containment Difficulty


Containment Status


Containment Specifications

Containment is unnecessary as the anomaly is explained. See pointer nonce to view previous documentation, or contact an indexing protocol for any related updates to this documentation.


AOE-40322 was a false anomaly reported by numerous members of a highly sapient and Type-II Kardashev civilization. It was investigated and confirmed to be non-anomalous in nature by this organization.


On 1032.ABX.3–1, 00:30 local time, a distress signal was mined that originated from Planet KIC 8462852, known natively as Novara. 94% of data transactions contained within this block were tagged as a hazardous, anomalous discovery.

An example report is as follows:

(Note: This file has been auto-translated by Oracle 032.14-D from the originating language, into MERGE, and then into ENGLISH. Errors have been minimized.)

We're writing to report an anomaly. Nearly [DATE/TIME, NO OBJECTIVE REFERENCE], our air was penetrated and excited by something. An energy weapon of significant proportions has been conveyed above us. It blinds us and cooks our bodies. While the energy is serious, it is distant enough to forestall any actual incineration, or so we observe this as of now. Despite, we fear a post-radiation breakdown, or additional hostilities. We are right now all-limbs isolated in our security covers. The hole mentioned is large. We are looking for help from adjacent systems to decide the security of the movement on the outer layer of our planet. Is this a known phenomena? If not, then at least give the basis idea for this occurrence. The Order is not responding to our calls for help.

The events describe the mundane visualization of the planet’s host star, as seen through the atmosphere. This is an unfamiliar sight and experience to this civilization due to the system’s star having long-been totally obscured in Dyson Sphere technology. Calculations suggest the native star does not produce sufficient heat to physically harm the species, aside from routine first and second degree burns, given lengthy exposure. Reported bodily thermal changes are natural and likely benign.

The situation has been confirmed through spectroscopic study of the system to be unusual, but likely technology based, and non-anomalous in nature. A communications is being set up to further investigate.

Communications Logs

1. Intersystem Communication

2. Internal Communication Broadcast (Radio) — MonoLog

3. Internal Communication Broadcast (Radio) — MonoLog

4. Internal Communication Broadcast (Radio) — MonoLog

5. Internal Communication Broadcast (Radio) — MonoLog

© Lack of Lepers

© Confic Magazine


Image is "Silhouette of Tree Near Body of Water during Golden Hour", is CC0, and can be found here.

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If you would like to submit your own confic composition for potential publication, write with your submission. Successful submissions are offered a $75 dollar payment.

The AOE format is property of Confic Magazine LLC. Others cannot copy, distribute, or perform this work without explicit, written permission (or as permitted by fair use).

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1 Comment

Lack of Lepers
Lack of Lepers
May 05, 2022

This is inspired by "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury. It's also a thank-you letter to my mother (and mothers everywhere), who has always had the best in mind for me, but who suffered through my ridiculous emotional outbursts, especially when in my early twenties (always forgiven).

It's also a tip of the hat to my paternal grandfather; this requires a bit of a story. He was a combat engineer in WW2, mainly building bridges at the frontlines so that US vehicles and tanks could progress. On Thanksgiving Day, the Army had a special Thanksgiving meal ration for the troops. My grandfather ate his in a foxhole with two other of his buddies. He decided that he wanted…

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