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Looking Over u/Shoulder

by DrFernlom

Culture & Community, Tech & Media

When it comes to confic, no other community stands as tall and reaches as far as the SCP Wiki community. It has an offsite fanbase full of video content creators, artists, and as we are going to meet today, passionate and creative meme makers.

u/Shoulder is one of the most prominent meme makers for SCP’s primary meme source, the DankMemesFromSite19 Subreddit. If you like memes about SCP, then I highly suggest you check out this subreddit. Shoulder has some really great stuff there. Let’s begin!


When did you first get introduced to SCP?

I genuinely don’t know, obviously from YouTube when I was a lot younger. It was a gradual process of discovering like Containment Breach and then article readings and such, I would pinpoint theBatesee as the YouTuber that got me a bit more interested in the whole thing. But ye it’s been a gradual process of discovery and interest.

Fascinating! I know currently most people discovered SCP during COVID. It’s neat finding others who were introduced before lockdown. What’s your favorite SCP?

I’ve been trying to come up with a favorite but it’s hard. SCP-5500 has been at the top for me for a while but I’ve read quite a lot of articles recently that are great in their own way, it feels almost rude to pick a favorite. SCP-3515 rekindled interest in the SCP concept when I had lost it for a while long ago, so it’s up there. SCP-3034 has been imprinted in my mind and won’t leave so it’s up there as well.

Love it. Are you more of a new SCP fan, or Classic SCP fan? Like, Series 1-3 or 4-6?

Hehe I’m loving Series 7, the short articles are easy for me to read so I’ve been reading a lot more.

The short ones are easy to read for sure. Would you ever be interested in making memes for other communities like RPC or Backrooms?

Not really, I’m not really interested in the other communities.

Cool cool. Alright only two more questions.

Yes I am the ready.

Why do you make memes?

Because it is fun. That’s really the only true reason. I do feel like I want to share things about the SCP community and the works on the site for people to discover, but the fun of it is the main reason.

Awesome. Okay last question. You’ve become quite a figure for the offsite SCP community by being a very large source of memes for the entire community to enjoy. What sort of advice do you have for your fellow offsite fans when it comes to enjoying this content and spreading it?

With “this content” do you mean the offsite content or the onsite content or both?

Both actually if you don’t mind sharing.

Hmm I dunno... I would recommend that anyone interested in SCP would read the wiki, as there is, with 100% certainty, something for everyone. Find the part of the wiki which you enjoy and go from there (I’m a frequent visitor of the shortest articles in the last 30 days page). With making memes and other content, I often read the wiki with the intent to share what I’ve read with others (through memes of course), which is a kind of motivator that gets me through articles sometimes. Number one most important thing is always to just have fun :)

Love it! Now you’ve written your own SCP haven’t you? What’s the name and number of that one?

SCP-6442 “Mimir, Mímir”, though don’t forget Yossipossi co-authored it with


Any plans to write another?

Of course, though I don’t think one will be finished any time soon.

Fair enough. Any final remarks Mr. SCP Meme King?

Did you know that the Sooty Grouse can be classed as a migratory bird even though it only like walks to another place not too far away during the winter? An underachiever I truly respect.

Aaaand that’s a wrap! Thank you for your answers!

© DrFernlom

© Confic Magazine


Check out u/Shoulder's reddit profile and his works here.

Check out Dr Shoulder's WikiDot profile here.

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Came for a great interview, got that, but I'm also leaving with new bird knowledge. A truly enriching experience.

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