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Skeletons In The Amulet

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Culture & Community, News & Opinion

by DaisyBelle

Hi all.

My name is Daisy. You may know me as DaisyBelleJpeg or simply DaisyBelle on SCP Twitter. I’m an artist who’s been floating around here and there, as well as someone who plans to write for the wiki in the future once I save up for a laptop.

Before I started popping up on Twitter, I didn’t interact much with the SCP community. In fact, I was afraid to due to my social anxiety and fear or rejection; problems which amplified from April to June of 2022. However, there was one person who is widely known in the community who I maintained a relationship with before I bit the bullet and decided to make myself known to all of you.

This document is about Michael “Duck” Peters, otherwise known as Bright, Adminbright, and TheDuckman, and how I was in an inappropriate, groupie-esque relationship with them from early 2021 to April of 2022. Peters and their Wife groomed me, and I am here to showcase to you all the modus operandi they used on me should they attempt to appear in other internet circles, as well as give you an idea as to what they might have done to their other victims.

For legal reasons, everything mentioned in this document is alleged, and I do not under any circumstances condone the harassment of anyone mentioned. This is a testimony with both physical evidence in the form of screenshots, as well as anecdotal evidence I remember from phone calls.

Also for legal reasons regarding the photos Peters is in possession of: I DO NOT CONSENT TO PUBLISHING OF NUDE PHOTOS OF MY BODY. Any attempt to do so will be considered revenge porn under Michigan law. I am putting this here because I am more than a little paranoid as I am the first person to come out with message receipts about all of this.

Now, onto the meat of this document.

I began a rapport with Peters around November of 2020, when they reached out to me on Instagram after I tagged them in a now deleted drawing of their Author Avatar, Jack Bright. We began chatting regularly around December, when I added them as a Facebook friend.

Peters is twice my age. I began to send them nudes not long after we began talking (December 9, 2020), after they made a post saying they were down and that nudes would put a smile on their face. Aside from wanting to cheer up someone who’s OC was such a comfort character to me, I wanted to get their attention. I wanted them to notice me more than they already had. I had an infatuation with the author based on the influence their character had on my writing and character making. I thought that this was perfectly normal and okay, seeing as I was 20 and thus a consenting adult. I was unaware that young adults could also be groomed and influenced by older people. They have nudes with my face in them because I trusted them at the time with such sensitive content even though I had no reason to, in hindsight. At one point, I admitted I had a crush on them, with them implying they wanted me to join their polycule when we met in real life not even a couple months later.

I was warned by friends that this flirtationship was extremely unhealthy. I brushed off their concerns because, after all, I was a big kid, and knew what toxic relationships looked like because my ex had been verbally abusive and had a jealous streak. They backed off because they felt bad and didn’t want to potentially make me upset given that Peters had already gifted me things by then and vice versa (I spent 40 dollars on scp pins as a Valentine’s Day gift for them). I had already bought things from them and their wife’s small business and constantly wore them. They had even commissioned me for a logo and business card design when I was financially stressed due to working near minimum wage at only part time hours while getting part of my wages confiscated by my abusive mother. Shit, I even played Minecraft with them quite a bit. To those who tried, despite apologizing in private, I would like to say for the record that I’m sorry and that I should have listened when you tried to tell me this person did not have my best intentions in mind.

They would ask, be it vaguely via those “I’m sad send nudes” type posts or through pms, for pictures of my body quite a bit after they got to talking to me more. I would almost always comply out of fear of them growing tired of me otherwise as well as for the purpose of validation. Being overweight due to PCOS and overall poor exercise habits, I grew up with body dysmorphia. They assured me they would “gas me up” whenever I would send them nudes, which in turn made me feel more confident in myself. I would thank them for helping me with my self image issues, to which they would brush my thanks off to love bomb me more.

Close to me cutting them off the first time, they even went so far as to talk me down from a panic attack where I was feeling suicidal, only to then ask for more pics not even an hour after talking me down.

They also fetishized the fact that I used to not shave the lower half of my body. While they did like boobs they’d ask in a much more… wanting fashion for pictures of my crotch. I now shave not because of societal norms or beauty standards, but because I feel dirty looking at myself when I remember their fixation.

Speaking of things they fetishized? My former crush on a childhood friend from middle school who I hung out with a lot during this time period. Once I told her after keeping quiet for all this time in fear of losing either person, she was disgusted and cut contact with Peters.

Shit like this wasn’t isolated to comments about Liz tho. They’d butt in sexual comments even when nothing was sexual about the conversation.

Even when I was in distress.

Honestly this one genuinely made me laugh from shock. I showed it to Liz since we worked at the same gas station together at the time and while I tried to play it off as funny, she said that if anyone pulled that shit she’d cut contact. We ended up leaving it alone.

Oh yeah also regardless of kinks I have, this happened.

And this. Notice the fact that I’d be long winded when shit like this came up because again, I didn’t want to upset the author of my comfort character.

They spooked me once by sending my own nudes to me. I was panicking because I thought it was being implied that they were sharing my nudes around. They assured me they weren’t, but given how comfortable they are with lying by minimizing how much of a sex pest they were in the community (we’ll get to that later), I’m as of now unsure if they were being truthful.

And yes, they egged me on to send nudes of my face once it was clear I trusted them with such sensitive content. Actually, those were their favorite. They have my pics saved onto their device(s).

The constant asking for nudes wasn’t the only thing however.

There were a couple of occasions where they would instruct me on how they wanted the pictures to be taken. One time was with a crochet butterfly top I commissioned from their wife, who, as I said previously, knew of me as well as the relationship I had with their husband. As far as I’m aware, she knows I’ve sent them nude photos.

I couldn’t comply the first time. The second time tho, I did as told.

Another thing they asked me to take photos with my 963 replica. They called it bright porn and wanted me to make them some. I complied the first time and simply forgot to send more the second time they asked. I was later informed by wiki user RuraScarlet via a public tweet that they had a possession fetish, and that that had been the premise of the amulet during the early days of the wiki. I was never privy to this and felt sick given that this meant that they had me partake in said fetish without my consent. This is why I am so fervent in the removal of 963 and the community discontinuation of the character of Dr. Jack Bright in wiki spaces. I bought it with my unemployment money from the pandemic when I was making shit all without a job because of how much I enjoyed the character w a works that featured him. I would even wear that stupid fucking necklace as an accessory to work sometimes and would to my makeup to match it. It’s now in a dumpster somewhere in a Cheesecake Factory takeout box. Complete waste of 15 dollars plus shipping.

This concludes the highlights of our interactions backed by screenshots.

As I said before, their wife was privy to everything going on, and even encouraged it. I would mostly only talk to her via calls on both my phone and messenger, given that I had both their cell numbers at the time. As I don’t normally record calls with friends, I don’t have any receipts for conversations that took place during those calls. However, here’s what I told AHT about the anecdotal experiences with the couple in my report from last year.

I cut contact with both on April 14th, 2022, after reading another victim’s testimony on Twitter during my lunch break. I still remember the heart palpitations and shortness of breath as I read that thread, as I could relate to some of what she recalled (primarily Peters’ method of getting nudes by saying they were sad and that naked pics would make them happy). I felt dizzy. I was slow and sluggish and clumsy as my body was on autopilot and most of my energy was focused on not having a panic attack at work. My assistant manager asked me what was wrong and I explained everything before asking for her advice. She told me I needed to cut them off, so I did. Both them and their wife. I blocked them on every feasible platform and even blocked their phone numbers. I became so depressed by the intensity of it all that I even forgot one of my partners’ birthdays, something I still feel guilty for to this day given how important it is to him that I remember. From there, I evaluated the morals I’ve cultivated since I was a teen and first learned about sexual harassment, and made my own priorities clear: I would believe the victim over a friend.

And then, Peters contacted Liz to try and get a hold of me. I felt the panic take over my body all over again as soon as she called, asking if I was okay because Peters was worried about me.

I asked for these screenshots because I had a gut feeling, but other than that, my people pleasing instinct from years of living with a narcissist mother took over. I was malleable now. My paranoia that I was being a bad friend reared its ugly head even though I thought I had killed it off via talking to my support system.

They were dismissive when I weakly confronted them about their alleged behavior with others. Minimized some things and chalked others up to being lies made up by KiwiFarms out of out of context snippets of conversation. They played me like a fucking fiddle and I apologized. And when I did? They forgave me. Because, after all, I didn’t know them irl. I was only trying to protect myself and they understood because they were such a nice person.

This was on May 6th.

They were permananned from the wiki for sexual harassment on the 8th.

I was the one to let them know.

They initially played dismissive tough guy, but eventually looked more like a kicked dog more than anything.

Funny how suddenly I know them so well when only two days ago I didn’t, according to them.

I inched away as gracefully as possible, using the truthful excuse that May was one of my mourning months given that my dad had passed away on the 24th of 2019, after 14 years of battling leukemia.

This was our last interaction. I spent the next few months coming to terms with our year of “friendship” and what they had gained from it. I was exploited. Everyone from my partners, to my friends, to even my trauma therapist confirmed the fear I had been gnawing in since April. I had to explain the haha funny chainsaw canon man to my fucking trauma therapist. Do you know how awkward that is?

I stayed friends with them on Facebook to keep the peace for around a day, until they had a mini meltdown on their wall.

Predictably, I blocked them and their wife.

Since then, they’ve attempted to reach out to me on messenger, but given that I have them blocked, I couldn’t even read what they sent me even if I wanted to, since messenger doesn’t give you any messages sent during the time period the person is blocked. Nothing of value has been lost, but that can be said about cutting this fucking slime and their enabler wife from my life in general.

Also, notice that they were more than happy to let me keep using their characters? They want them alive on the SCP Wiki. If anything, they even stated in one of the pictures above that they’ll never go away, as they made Bright, and they’re not letting him go. I was dogpiled last year for relaying this and raising concerns about another user claiming the bright family as their own now that Peters was banned. Despite my pain, people saw me as a No-Fun Nancy for even suggesting the character be retired because “buh whut about offsite?” and “noooo he’s too famous!!1!”. I hope you bastards who participated in that are ashamed of yourselves.

I hope my testimony gives perspective to those standing by, on the fence on everything. I hope it spreads awareness as well. Peters still goes to cons and ren faire, to my knowledge. They are also into TTRPG. If you see this person, avoid them at all costs. Don’t engage. Remember what they did to me. Remember what they did to the others they managed to silence during their time as wiki staff. I would not wish that onto any of you.

And hey, Duck, if you’re reading this:

Seek some fucking help bro.

You have a clear addition to both sex and porn. It’s not a quirk. It’s not a silly little hyperfixation brought on by your ‘tism. Given your pattern of behavior in the community over the last decade, it’s clearly a problem. Seek. Some. Counseling. Stop trying to befriend young adults HALF YOUR AGE OR MORE online. You can’t just expect people who look up to you for your stupid little sex pest of an author avatar to immediately tell you to stop your advances given the fact that you’ll have a power dynamic over any fanperson you interact with, and to be willfully ignorant of that is super irresponsible at best and morally reprehensible at worst. Touch some grass and get your shit together if you don’t want this to escalate to potentially criminal territory in the future. What kind of example would you give your nieces and nephews if they eventually looked you up and found out about this?

I’m happy to let you know that it felt nothing short of cathartic to me to rip apart every single piece of chainmail and every sticker you gave me. I cut up the top your wife crocheted for me too. It’s all recycled, hopefully used to make something more useful. I also burnt every note you sent along with your little care packages. I also hope the jerk off material I gave you was worth it, as that’s all you probably ever saw it as. I’ve had nightmares about you at least every two months ever since this shitshow concluded. I once thought of you as a friend, a mentor even, at times. And now? I wish nothing but to have never met you. The only good thing that came out of this is that I now have the ammunition to put you down like the sick dog you are once and for all. May those pins I gifted you serve as a gutting reminder of this.

If you even want to become a better person, start atoning by deleting my nudes and any other photos you have of me for that matter; don’t forget to do the same to any photos of the rest of us you may have lingering in your gallery. I hope I’m the last person you EVER do this to. Fuck. You.

And to all of you, thank you for listening. I appreciate it more than you think. If you choose to stay and keep track of me, I hope you enjoy my art and the plethora of other things I have to offer.

Ed notes. This is reposted with permission from a google doc posted by Daisy Belle on Twitter on February 26 2023, the contents have been reproduced here without alteration other than correcting a handful of typos. The Twitter thread from April 22 2022 was created by Confic Magazine writer Harmony, who had a similar if less extensive experience with Mr. Peters. Confic Magazine stands with victims of abuse in any confic community, this type of activity has no place anywhere and the voices of victims should always be prioritized when deciding how to respond to an unmasking of a predator.

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1 Comment

Lack of Lepers
Lack of Lepers
Mar 01, 2023

Very sad and difficult to see a few things we had suspected & feared, but that are now confirmed. We're happy to reach more people if that's what this reproduction does.

That AdminBright, doubtless aware of all this mess, hasn't come forward and requested to his contacts on staff to delete (at least) The List is in my opinion absolutely disgusting. It's the least he could possibly do in recompense to all that he has ruined for the sake of his ego, self-glorification, and stolen pleasure.

Aside from that, I said my peace in the last post's comment, although it has been dramatically edited in the last week as I’ve struggled with what to say and how.

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