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The Darkrooms: The Most Bizarre Backrooms Wiki (and Why I Love It)

Updated: Sep 15

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by 1000dumplings

A few months ago I was casually browsing Google Images, searching for art of The Partygoers and The Game Master. I ended up going down a rabbit hole of Backrooms content from the deepest crevices of the internet. Just like how unlucky wanderers stumble out of reality and into The Backrooms, I stumbled across an image that was linked to a particularly named website. “Darkrooms.Wiki.weebly.com”.

Wait- Weebly?

Regardless of the… strange choice of a host site, it sounded very similar to the Backrooms WikiDot, and I felt inclined to check it out. What I ended up finding was one of the strangest examples of Containment Fiction I’ve ever seen, and one that I absolutely adored.

This is what you’ll see when you first visit The Darkrooms Wiki. I’ve seen a lot of strange things in containment fiction, but nothing as much as the bright blue “powered by weebly” button.

The Darkrooms Wiki uses the typical format of The Backrooms WikiDot and the Backrooms Fandom Wiki: a mainlist of Levels (called ‘zones’ here), entities, objects, and factions, revolving around the main theme of a dimension outside of reality.

As expected, this wiki also has its own version of Level 0, which is Zone 0 - “The Redrooms”. This Zone is an endless maze of hallways, dark and lit up with red lights to imitate photography darkrooms. It also features the first entity which is part of The Darkrooms, called The Recorder. It's a dark humanoid silhouette that seems to stalk and record those in distress within Zone 0.

Some other notable Zones include Zone 7 - “White Palace”, and Zone 7.1 - “Black Palace”. Which are… pretty much carbon copies of The Whiteout and The Blackout, from the Backrooms Wikidot. And also a fantasy world Zone, Zone 8 - “Fairytale Folklore”, which is pretty much a carbon copy of the Middenground from Liminal Archives.

My absolute favorite aspect of The Darkrooms is Zone 9 - “Wheels And Tunnels”. This is a giant hamster cage, complete with giant hamsters. I want to repeat that. Giant. Hamsters. The Zone is full of absolutely massive hamsters that you can befriend.

The writing style and quality are clearly not extremely polished or written to tell a specific narrative. It’s more comparable to the earlier works of SCP and The Backrooms Wiki with entries being more akin to a simple description.

There is something that is somewhat concerning about The Darkrooms. The pages revolving around the final entity, Entity 23 - "Queen Yoga, Stars and Moon", seem to have some… interesting creative choices behind them. The image used for this entity is just an image of the Female Buddha. Also, she’s called “Queen Yoga”. Her followers are called “Yogaites”. This feels like a rejected bit from an Austin Powers movie.

It doesn’t help that these entities (yes, the Yogaites are classified as entities) all reside in Zone 10 - “Rooftops”, which resembles slums of poverty-ridden countries. These entities in combination seem to be based on negative stereotypes of Buddhists. I can’t say in good conscience that this random Backrooms wiki made on Weebly was actually rooted with nefarious intentions. For all I know, they could be parodying a culture they themselves belong to.

I’ve been looking over this little Wiki for months now, just because of how absolutely fascinating it is to me. But as I’ve been doing that, I realized something: there haven’t been any changes to this wiki in a very long time.

The most probable explanation for this is that the project was abandoned, perhaps with the author losing their account or otherwise being unable to add new content to the site. Some of the buttons even lead to blank pages or don’t work. But regardless, it got me speculating.

What if this project is… over? Finished? Complete?

There isn’t a way to “join” the site, and I haven’t seen anyone else talk about it anywhere online. There isn’t even a way to contact the creator. For all I know, I could have been the first person not involved to discover it.

From everything I could gather, this website seems to be made by a random writer out there, a fan of the Backrooms that just wanted to make their own take on it. It could have even been a kid. And despite the lack of polish that we’ve come to take for granted with the heavy hitters of Containment Fiction, it's abundantly clear that a lot of love was poured into this project. A lot of the images are hand drawn or digitally created by the creator of the Wiki.

Entity 1 - “The Recorder”

The order in which you can access Zones is consistent, and the worldbuilding is surprisingly thorough. Whoever made this clearly cared about what they wanted this wiki to be. And to me, that's something that's exceptionally rare and exceptionally valuable.

As both authors and readers of Containment Fiction, we often take completed pieces of work for granted. The massive overarching plotlines and stories crafted by authors after years of hard work gets eaten up as quick as quesadillas.

But it's all too common for a lot of that hard work to remain buried and unseen forever, either because it could never be finished, or never got the chance to become popular. Or worse, it became too influenced by others, overwritten like deleted computer files, and emerging as a hollow shell of what it was supposed to be.

When I stumbled across this wiki, I laughed at the absurdities of the giant hamsters and slightly weird interpretations of Buddhism, but I still stuck around. And I think this is the exact reason why. Despite its flaws, I was looking at one person’s hard work, untouched by the rest of the internet.

The pure, raw, unfiltered artistic expression of a single author.

So, to the creator of The Darkrooms Wiki, whoever you may be - if you ever even find this article: keep up the good work. You have so much potential.

It's often the case that we see attempts to create brand new collaborative fiction projects, like The Backrooms Wiki and SCP. And amazing things often come from that. But I think we should all remember that working independently can also be just as valuable. When you take the influence, criticism, ideas, and inputs from everything from just one other person to an entire community out of the question, the end result will be something completely unique to your creative vision.

Maybe it won’t be the best thing ever made, and could even benefit from external criticism, but it will still be yours and yours alone.

As my favorite musician, Joe Hawley, once said:

“Create until nothing is left to create!”.


You can check out The Darkrooms Wiki here: https://darkroomswiki.weebly.com/

(Edit: Confic Magazine has been made aware of multiple community bans against this author in their respective communities, and their reasons. As such, the previously-displayed social media of the author has been removed. Confic Magazine would like to apologize for a misstatement that was previously made here about the author.)

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