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Updated: Oct 23, 2021

by Lack of Lepers

Sep 2 2021· 2 min read

Containment fiction, its news, and its drama. There is simply too much material for one person to cover. So, members of The Society for Containment Fiction (SCF) have graciously offered to help.

This will be an official news, commentary, and variety publication for SCF. Please enjoy the variety of writing styles, topics, angles of coverage, and likable personalities of the talented writers and journalists here. This Publication is a way for these authors to publish under their own names.

I greatly appreciate the help and am excited to have these news stories in capable, talented hands.

Lack of Lepers

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We are decentralized! If you have non-conventional DNS browsers or add-ons/extensions that can access decentralized domain names (e.g. Handshake), you may type into your browser: http://wiki.confic

Visit Lack of Leper’s confic blog here:

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