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Standard containment procedures for SCP-787700 are minimal. Constituent texts are to be held at Area-83 orbital containment facility, in a standard high-security locker. Three teams of thirteen researchers are to be stationed at Area-83 assigned to SCP-787700, rotating every 3 months. Under no circumstances are any of SCP-787700's texts to be separated from the collection.

In the event of an XK-Class "End of World" Scenario which does not result in the loss of Earth's accessibility and structural integrity, SCP-787700 is to be moved to the "Ready Deck", Area-83's deployment zone for potentially useful anomalies. Area-83 staff are to engage activation procedures. In the event that no contact can be established with SCP-2000 activation teams after 48 hours, the research team currently aboard are to assume duties as Overwatch Command. If no Foundation staff at the surface can be reached within 14 days, SCP-787700's thaumaturgical ritual is to be carried out.


In the event of an XK-Class Scenario in which Earth either cannot be accessed or loses structural integrity, SCP-787700 is to be activated immediately. Overwatch Command duties are to be transferred to the research team currently aboard.


SCP-787700 is a collection of texts from various authors and viewpoints surrounding the anomalous. SCP-787700 consists of thirteen texts, each credited as the work of one Group of Interest. Each text specifies a section of a ritual needed to begin a thaumaturgical process.

SCP-787700-A is the thaumaturgical process initiated by the instructions provided by SCP-787700. While its exact effects remain unknown, SCP-787700-A is believed to grant those practicing it a degree of control over non-specified event outcomes; colloquially known as "randomness" and instrumental in the manifestation of "luck". It is expected that SCP-787700-A confers effects and abilities similar to that of advanced reality benders.

SCP-787700-A is believed to require the participation of thirteen individuals, each exercising one step of the activation ritual.

How SCP-787700 was acquired remains unknown. SCP-787700 remained for an indeterminate amount of time in the personal living quarters of an Overseer, who moved the anomaly to Area-83 in 2057 as a "continuity of command preservation method".


The below is this cycle's staffing assignments for Area-83. The email below was sent to all Area-83 selectees at the last shift change. To: MAILLIST-83 0250 UTC 06/07/2079 (29 minutes ago) BCC: 15 others [BCC] From: Subject: URGENT: REASSIGNMENT This is an automated email to inform you of your reassignment to Area-83. Please report to the Reassignment Office ASAP for transportation information. Message: Hello Researchers, If you're reading this, you've been randomly selected for the next three-month shift at our orbital station, Area-83. All of you have prior experience in space, and if this is your first time at Area-83, don't worry. Area-83 is a relatively easy assignment, and no breaches have ever occurred at this site. You'll have very little to do and great company, so settle in for some paid rest & relaxation! In addition, O5 Command will be visiting us in July, so make sure to pack some decent clothes as you'll be greeting them at the hangar. Here's some facts about your new residence from the Adjustment Department at Area-83: "Area-83 measures 940 meters long, 415 meters wide and 276 meters high. It's the fastest-flying spacecraft ever invented, capable of traveling at 0.76% of lightspeed, (1,414 miles/second). Our partnership with the United Nations has helped us keep the ship's purpose under wraps, so don't be alarmed to see their insignia just about everywhere. It's got supplies for up to 4,000 people for six years, so between the reserve supplies and SCP-294, Area-83 is probably the safest Foundation facility." Our selections for this month are below: Deputy Site Director, Site-43, Helena Lewis Senior Researcher Alexa Benning Senior Researcher Cameron Williams Senior Researcher Ramya Zebari Researcher Lena Marshall Researcher AJ Carter Researcher Anna Nazara Researcher Isaac Kaufman Junior Researcher Kara Reyes Junior Researcher Ion Albescu Junior Researcher Hunter Wilson Junior Researcher Madelyn Dark Junior Researcher Robert Barrow Thank you! -Foundation Department of Easement & Staff Well-Being NEXT SHIFT CHANGE IN: 0:00:00 (N/A) SEE ADDENDUM 1 FOR DETAILS


Area-83 hull capture of XK-Class "End of World" scenario, 7/7/2059.

On July 7, 2059, an anomaly unrelated to SCP-787700 resulted in an XK-Class "End of World" scenario. Earth rapidly lost geomorphological unity, the crust and mantle separating into space. No non-anomalous humans survived the loss of earth, barring those aboard Area-83. The fate of any anomalous humanoids on the surface is unknown. 1,313 people inhabit Area-83 as of this addendum. All are Foundation employees.


Below are a selection of routinely collected logs and transcripts provided by Area-83's Communications Monitoring and Management Department. Please note that these documents are intended to provide a working knowledge of the events of July 7-9, 2059, and do not provide a comprehensive or full history of Area-83's response. Call Transcript and Video Log: United Nations Liaison Freia Ivanovich with O5-7. Occasion: O5 Command visit to Area-83, Orbital Communications Ceremonial Test Call Begins. About one hundred high-level staff, including the research team, are attending the ceremony celebrating O5 Command's first visit to Area-83. O5-7 is seated and speaking to Ivanovich. Ivanovich: Hello? O5-7: This is Oscar. Ivanovich: Heh, passcode approved. How's it going up there? Noticeable 3-5 second lag between transmissions due to distance and connection. O5-7: Up? More like out. I've been on a tin can before but this is a whole new deal. I'm nine hundred thousand grand out from you, so, uh, sorry if I seem a bit… slow. Ivanovich uses a sarcastic tone of voice, making obvious that O5-7 and Ivanovich are personal friends. Ivanovich: No problem, Allison K. Hallgren. O5-7: Goddamn, this is a ceremonial call, I've got a hundred researchers up here taking a photo-op with me. Don't use my civvie name out here, it's not funny. Ivanovich: "Civvie?" You're not even in the army. Oh, hey, don't say goddamn, I seem to remember you moving three-forty-whatever out there for "safety". O5-7: It is for safety, mind you. Ivanovich: Alright, let's be professional. I suppose you're going to follow through on our deal, let us put some of the ones we want to preserve up there? O5-7: Ones you want to preserve? When I visited you, you had oranges in the blender, and I thought it was triple nines, okay? Alright, jokes aside, what do you want us to store for you? Ivanovich: Oh I'm not sure… Loud interference sounds, distorted yelling O5-7: We're having some communications trouble up here. Ivanovich: (Loudly) Mother fu- O5-7: Is everything alright? O5-6 pulls O5-7 away from the phone and gestures to the window. Gasps are audible. O5-6: I don't think so. Video turns to window, where Earth is visibly disintegrating at the surface, and the planet's crust is unrecognizable. [Video ends]

Area-83 Intranet Staffchat- Chat Log- July 7, 2059 22:15 BOT HELEN: SLOWMODE- 1 MINUTE AUTO JOIN MESSAGE: Please avoid fearmongering or speculative discussion of the ongoing XK-class Scenario. -O5-7. 22:15 Madelyn Dark- Jr. Researcher: Do we have any info on the causes yet? Any transmissions from our sites from before the event? 22:15 Isaac Kaufman- Researcher: No we're in the dark here. I texted Helena to see about any contact from Site-43 but I don't think even our most reinforced sites could withstand that. 22:16 Helena Lewis- Administrative: Yeah, I have nothing. I'm not sure there's anybody else out there. We're working on getting in contact with other spacecraft but it looks like Earth is shot. I'm really sorry to everyone who had family, friends, etc. down there. I know, we train for this, but we were never going to be ready to see our home destroyed. 22:17 Cameron Williams- Senior Researcher: I'm not sure if you all are looking at what's going on out there, but it looks like whatever it is has fried the moon. 22:17 Helena Lewis- Administrative: The hell do you mean "fried"? Did it get hit by debris? 22:18 Isaac Kaufman- Researcher: No, I'm looking right now and it's literally turning to ashes. 22:18 Helena Lewis- Administrative: I don't know what's causing this. I'm hearing that the council is about to address us on the PA system so im logging off. Brb 22:19 Cameron Williams- Senior Researcher: This… Alright, they're coming on, let's listen up.

O5 Command Comments on XK-Class "End of World Scenario"- Announcement Via Speakers- Area-Wide O5-6: Attention all staff. Attention all staff. This is a site-wide announcement. Please pay close attention to the following. O5-9: A few hours ago, Earth was destroyed by an unknown thaumaturgical process. We have no details on the cause of the disaster, but we have verified that both Earth and the Moon have lost integrity of their surfaces. There is no indication of any survivors. O5-7: Unfortunately, it also appears that all spacecraft within the moon's orbit were also destroyed by this anomaly. As far as we can tell at the moment, Area-83 is the only remaining spacecraft, as no other deep space missions were active at this time. O5-9: While the situation is not obviously anomalous, indications of alterations to reality shortly before the incident have been traced to a known, previously contained anomaly at Site-43. In the event that any survivors aboard civilian spacecraft are found, we have decided to suspend the veil protocol effective immediately. O5-8: We're going to get through this. We have enough supplies, and we have more options available to us. Please stand by for updates, we promise we're doing our best to make sure we can all move on from this dark hour. Thank you all.


The below is a transcript of a speech given to Foundation staff by O5-1 aboard Area-83 on July 9, 2059. O5-1 is standing on a small podium in the main hangar, speaking both to those gathered in the hangar and those outside via the intercom. We've come a long way from our founding. Even for those of us at the top, we don't remember it. But from that first day we've had one guiding principle. And that principle is, "we die in the dark, so that you may live in the light". We're living in the dark now. I'm not here to lie to you, to tell you everything's okay. You all saw it with your own eyes, our planet, everything around it ripped to shreds. We're fucked. That much is for sure. We're totally fucked. But the question becomes, for all of you, is that okay? What will you do now that the moment’s passed? The person who stepped on that rocket weeks ago to come up here for a little "getaway"; the person who couldn't believe their eyes when they saw their home obliterated; the person who is standing here wondering, "what the hell do we do now?" – all fucked. Every one of us. But the people we can become aren't. Our despair is now our greatest strength; our commonality to hold onto. No, those people we can now become know something else. They know why we are on this godforsaken ship in the first place! They know that this was always possible – and that Area-83 isn't humanity's graveyard. They know that it is the birthplace of gods and of legends! Their very own. Our very own! You've all wished you had Level 5 clearance at one point or another. Admit it to yourself, I know I did when I was a researcher myself. There's all kinds of stories, that we O5 are some kind of gods, that we're hiding wonders, hiding some treasures. I'd love to deny that, but the next me? They're proud to say it's true. There's a wonder that changes everything. It is available to each and every one of us now; the open hand holding out our escape. Most of you have noticed that SCP-787700 is Level 5 locked. That's not because we don't want you to have it. It's because when the time was not right, we'd have had every egotistical crackpot faction knocking down the door for it. The time is right. SCP-787700 is a box of books. Not just any, though. SCP-787700 lets us defy the fates, lets us change, hell, lets us kill luck. As of tomorrow, we, the thirteen Overseers, will be able to manipulate any random event to… no longer be random. Luck is dead. The Foundation is alive. The Foundation will shift each rock into place, carefully tumble meteors into asteroids, and asteroids into planets, and fires into skies. We can't turn back time, but, we can sure as hell move some rocks in space. My friends, we're rebuilding our very foundations. Containment anew. We’re securing our future. We’re imposing our will to protect what is left in the rubble of our souls. Never will our organization’s name be more appropriate, more imperative. We are crafting our own goddamn planet. So don't panic. Don't worry. In a couple weeks, we'll be sitting on a beach in a world of our own making, sipping sky overhead and syrup in our drinks. I wish you all not good luck, but good fortune under the new future! Thank you all. O5-1 pauses for applause but reaction is mixed, cheers and jeers mix in the hall. Many are obviously uncomfortable with the Overseer's ambitions.


ACTIVATION REPORT: SCP-787700 Author: O5-1 Date: July 9, 2059 Success Additional Notes: We did it. Last night, we completed the ritual. It's going more smoothly than a lot of us thought, too. So far we've been able to spread up our efforts among our thirteen members, which is really speeding things along. We've started altering the flow of atoms, which in turn moves objects, et cetera. You’d be surprised what effects such small movements can make. Today, I saw a helix of DNA wind into itself with the thinnest of divine breaths whispered across its inert molecules. Standing up tall, as if ordered; at attention. It seems the universe wants desperately for this to work, perhaps even more than we do. Twelve's handling accident prevention aboard, you know, keeping bad things from happening. We’ve foreseen and stymied 24 less-than-ideal events today alone, just blind chances and callous probabilities that would have set us back… were it not for our guidance. Ours do, but people do not even need to know. It’s maybe best if they don’t; I see that now. An absent God is the kindest God. I've always dreamed what it would be like to have this kind of power available, ever since I was very young. But it was burning a hole in my mind since I got that first keycard with a "five" on it. I know all my fellow "Oscars" did the same, the first thing any of us did when we got our job was hop right on ScipNet and start reading every goddamned file. That's what we're supposed to do. I don't think it was just a curiosity, with 787700, though. Maybe it's the association with chance, maybe it's the implication of we'll need this some day (no shit…) but something was always there. Like some distant, burning voice – as violent yet quiet as a star – saying to please read this one. Please read the manual for how to save the world. For you to save the world. This is a log, not the place for this discussion, I suppose. Well, who gives a fuck anymore, I'm a god, right? P.S: To the thirteen researchers who came with us as our "backup council"… we're starting to slip from reality as a result of this ritual. By the time we can reconstruct Earth, we'll be a few Humes too far gone to carry out our duties. So, you'll get your chance. If nothing drives you to motivate your people, then let it be power, at least the dream of it. You'll get that same keycard in time. I don't know for sure how, but the texts themselves say so. The thirteenth page of the seventh book. ”Those that would replace will renew.”

Official documentation ends here. Other files on the drive are attached below, in chronological order of upload.

File 1

File 2

File 3

File 4

File 5

Inbox To: You 0420 UTC 06/07/2056 (0 minutes ago) From: Subject: Situation Surrounding SCP-787700 O5-1/Dr. Kaufman, Please address the council immediately as to the veracity of the SCP-787700 document.

To: 0422 UTC 06/07/2079 (0 minutes ago) From: You Subject: RE:Situation Surrounding SCP-787700 It's true. I know the leaders of all the rival GoIs. I know the Fates too. It's true. It's scary. But it's less scary than not knowing them. Nothing's random, and we can learn to accept that. We didn’t kill luck; it was already long dead. I'd rather be the dice than roll it.

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