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Monthly Ledger Reports

For accountability, auditability, & transparency.

Monthly reports posted to 

demonstrate details of the 

flow of money into and out of the LLC.

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Monthly Ledger Archives

December 2021

Summary: All donations in the month of December in 2021 were founder investments. Donations in the form of gifts totaled $480.00.

December was the first month that the LLC payed for all operations costs from its business bank account. December also saw the addition of the Containment Fiction Wiki and the Lack of Lepers Medium blog to its operations. The Containment Fiction Wiki operates on yearly fees which have already been covered until late 2022, via founder gifts. The Lack of Lepers blog requires a small monthly payment for Medium membership. These expenses will show up in the January 2022 ledger.

December 2021 was the first time an author outside of the Society of Containment Fiction submitted and was payed for an article.





There were no donations to Confic Magazine LLC in the month of December for 2021:



Bank Statement


PayPal Report

Dec 2021 PP redacted.png


Coinbase Report


Bitcoin Network Transaction Receipts

Wallet address:


Total in: 0.01387500 BTC 

Total out: 0.00913166 BTC

Balance:0.00474334 BTC

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