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On SCP-111: "Better Late Than Never"

Updated: May 19, 2023

Confic Art, Culture & Community

by Lack of Lepers

This is a short post announcing a new video series on our YouTube channel, "The Story Of", which will tell in series the cornucopia of rich and dramatic stories within the communities of the SCP Wiki, RPC Authority, Liminal Archives, and The Backrooms. These are the stories behind the stories of containment & liminal fiction.

The first is on SCP-111 "Dragonsnails" by Adam Henderson, one of the most significant articles and stories to affect the SCP Wiki and the whole of containment fiction. The video is made with simple ingredients, but hopefully the quality of the content, research, and knowledge will be the focus.

This video didn't take a tremendously long time to make, but also was one of the shorter stories that I could tell. So if you enjoy this video, please like, subscribe, comment, and/or leave feedback, so that I'll know this is a good use of my time and your time, and I will likely pursue longer forms, with more complex and elaborate stories.

We are starting this series to showcase how valuable and important the Containment Fiction Wiki is. It is, in my opinion, the most important of our projects. This magazine could sink and be left to collect dust and the heart of our little community and project would still be alive; but not so if this happened to the confic wiki.

For the Society for Containment Fiction Discord's 2nd birthday, on May 28th, we are holding an internal "contest", encouraging users to submit drafts or completed encyclopedic articles about containment fiction or liminal fiction.

See here for more details if you want to, but this is not really meant to be an external or marketing thing. We want the focus to be the products of the challenge, to be put on the Confic Wiki; not the organization, this magazine, or any other publicity stream. Confic Wiki Con is the first non-fiction writing contest in the space's history.

Fun fact; I didn't speak a word of this video into a microphone. I used samples of my voice from prior projects to create an AI voice clone (ElevenLabs AI), which greatly simplified and streamlined the production process. I didn't have to hassle with microphones, takes, or interruptions (I have a house full of extremely loud children and can't get but 20 minutes to myself at a time).

I've been relatively reserved in my coverage here, opting to not really interject any of my opinions... which is saying a lot; as some of you know, I am terminally opinionated. If you'd like the more opinionated takes on some of this topical material, you can read my blog posts on the subjects.

Finally, I want to say sorry for the sudden change of business model and content coverage. Your voices were heard, and we have reverted back to covering containment fiction... though we reserve the right to jointly cover confic and global harmonica trends in the future.

Ⓒ Confic Magazine


See the SCP-111 Containment Fiction Wiki entry, upon which this video is based, here:

Read our prior magazine article on the legal history of SCP-173 here:

The Containment Fiction Wiki and Confic Magazine are brought to you by the Society for Containment Fiction. Join the Discord here (WARNING: You will be immediately banned from the SCP Wiki and Discords if you are seen here):

Visit Lack of Lepers' linktree for containment fiction projects and works:

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