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Monthly Ledger Reports

For accountability, auditability, & transparency.

Monthly reports posted to 

demonstrate details of the 

flow of money into and out of the LLC.

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Monthly Ledger Archives


January 2022

Summary: All donations in the month of January in 2022 were founder investments. Donations in the form of gifts totaled $200.00.

The January 2022 Ledger is the first to feature the cost additions of the Containment Fiction Wiki and the Lack of Lepers Medium blog, which were added to LLC operations in December 2021. The Lack of Lepers blog requires a small monthly payment for Medium membership. It is also the first month that a donation was made via Patreon to community content creators; an endeavor that will increase and continue in the future. January 2022 also saw the yearly payment to to host the Confic Call-In podcast, which started 1/1/2022.

January 2022 was the first time an original work of containment fiction (AOE) was published on the magazine.

Ledger reports saw the collapse of Bank Statement and "Ledger"; these are now the same thing, as they technically were prior.





There were no donations to Confic Magazine LLC in the month of January for 2022:



PayPal Report

Redacted Paypal Jan 2022.png


Coinbase Report


Bitcoin Network Transaction Receipts

Wallet address:


Total in: 0.02116564 BTC 

Total out: 0.01869918 BTC

Balance: 0.00246646 BTC

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