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Quarterly Ledger Reports

For accountability, auditability, & transparency.

Reports posted to demonstrate details of the 

flow of money into and out of the LLC.

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​2021 - Quarter 4
2022 - Quarter 1
2022 - Quarter 2

June 2022

Summary: All donations in the month of June in 2022 were founder investments. Donations in the form of gifts totaled $193.73. $75 was paid to authors for submissions. Some of these funds were in preparation for the INDIECON 2022 1st place prize. A $10 donation was made to the SCP-RU independent platform fund (" MY.COM B.V."). 

In late June, the Magazine announced reduced payments for authors and submissions, priced at $40.00 per submission. Poor global economic health and increasing inflation were blamed.





There were no donations to Confic Magazine LLC in the month of June for 2022:


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